The first two stages of the Prostate Cancer Institute were constructed within St George Cancer Care Centre.

The Centre has been remodeled and enhanced to accommodate the Prostate Cancer Institute, adding modern treatment rooms, latest technology equipment, and improved facilities for treating all types of cancer.

The first stage, medical staff were relocated to new offices on the first floor in January 2009. Stage two was the construction of a brachytherapy bunker, a CT scan room, control rooms and additional offices in the ground floor areas specifically to enhance the Prostate Cancer Institute. It is the only brachytherapy treatment facility in a public hospital in Australia and was opened by the Minister for Health, Hon Jillian Skinner in August 2011.

The third stage is the construction of a well-equipped laboratory in the Pitney Building (next to the Cancer Care Centre) following the removal of the old theatre. This will be used for clinical trials and is being undertaken in conjunction with UNSW and will be two levels.

The final stage will be the expansion of the treatment rooms for all cancer sufferers adding two more levels and a lift to the St George Cancer Care Centre.

On the ground floor the waiting area capacity will be increased from 55 to 91 persons, there will be the installation of a children’s play area, a new reception area, wheel chair waiting area, tea room, new ambulance bay, new double entry automatic doors and a lift to allow patients and staff to have much better accessibility.

The first level will provide 18 chemotherapy chairs, 3 private bed rooms with chemotherapy beds and apart from providing much more private treatment rooms and a better environment, will be an increase of 40%.  In addition to this there will be assessment room, a waiting room, pharmacy, staff rooms, dirty and clean room, disabled toilets, a nurse coordinator’s room and nurses station, as well as access to the garden areas.

On the second level there will be 2 quiet rooms, 10 work stations, an office, group rooms for ten people and another for twenty people, consultation room, community work station, store room, team room, reception, emergency shower and also access to garden areas.

The most exciting aspect is that it will provide St George Cancer Care Centre with ultra modern facilities that will ensure best possible cancer treatment and will be able to cope with the ever-increasing demands.  By the completion of the project more than nine million dollars will have been raised through the support of Governments, Councils, businesses and the community.